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Taymar Computers offer a wide range of first class services and our aim is to provide “cost effective”, tailored solutions for home users and small business thoughout Ayrshire.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:


Computer Help Ayrshire  


Advice & Planning, Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair, Installation, Ready Built Systems, Custom Built Systems, Diagnostics, Data Clean-up & Restoration. Our general/miscellaneous services include hardware upgrades for stand-alone systems as well as multiple systems. We also carry out hardware maintenance, repairs and Installations.

Advice and planning is also of importance when considering purchasing or installing hardware and again this is provided by us.

Our hardware solutions offer both ready built and custom built systems in addition to servicing, diagnostics, data clean-up and restoration.



Network Solutions Ayrshire



Network Solutions

Design, Construction, Installation, Project Management, Support, Maintenance, Upgrades, Advice, Planning, Servicing, Diagnostics.

Our network services consist of advice & planning before moving on to the actual design of the network itself. We take into consideration such aspects as site location, identifying hardware requirements & specifications, the number of current users and the possibility of future increases in the number of users and also cabling and distances, to name but a few.

Once all these aspects have been researched and identified, we then construct and install the network components. We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance as well as any future upgrading.

Our hardware solutions cover everything from cabling to complete specification, servicing and diagnostics.



Computer Upgrade, Maintenance & Repair Ayrshire


Upgrade, Maintenance & Repair

All upgrade, maintenance and repair services are quoted and costs agreed prior to any work undertaken, whether it be a basic RAM/Memory upgrade to a complete 10 user network with equipment provided.

We will do our best to complete all work on-site whenever possible, however, any equipment required to be transported to our workshop will normally be returned within 2 working days. If you have any specific requirements that may not be listed on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Data Transfer, Recovery & Backup Ayrshire



Data Transfer, Recovery & Backup

We can provide data transfer of documents, photographs, music, emails and contacts, etc, from old to new equipment, also advice and storage media backup solutions.

Viruses/Spyware can be removed from data prior to transfer to new equipment, also appropriate Internet Security and virus protection software provided and installed to existing or new computers.

Data recovery services can be provided for disaster recovery from failed computers/laptops.





Custom Built Computer Systems Ayrshire





Ready Built and Custom Built Systems

Our hardware solutions offer both ready built and custom built systems, as well as servicing, diagnostics, data cleanup/recovery and restoration.

Equipment is sourced via a carefully chosen network of suppliers to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.

We can provide ready built systems from major manufacturers or custom build a system to meet your specific needs.

Ongoing maintenance and support is provided for any equipment supplied by Taymar Computers.




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